Video Games and the New Economies

Here is a glimpse of what I'm doing at Parsons for my Master in Strategic Design and Management. This is for a class focusing on economies, and for somebody who was trained strictly in design and had no interest in the economy, this class has been one of the most challenging classes I've ever taken (a close second to that art history class I took in collage and failed, long story). Despite of the challenge though, I am picking up some basic ideas now that its almost half way through the semester (CRAZY!), and econ started to grow on me (CRAZY x2!). This is especially true when working on this mapping project of the new economy in the past two weeks - I guess this is why I've chosen an art school program over an MBA, so I get to work on something that used to be so boring to me and turn it into something that's absolutely interesting.  

In short, this is basically a map showing how technology has influenced the evolution of video gaming and game systems since 1952 (the very first graphical computer game was developed then), and what that means to the society from a social interaction as well as the economy stand point. Found so many cool and fun facts about the history of video games - highly recommend to watch the Discovery documentary about it.

(Designed for poster size - click to enlarge)