Parsons Integrative Studio 1 - Week 1 Reflection

[Project submission for Integrative Studio 1 course]

  • How would you define success for this semester?
    1. To be proud of the final outcome for the semester-long project for Studio 1 class
    2. To be more confident personally than the start of the semester
    3. To attend as many events, panel and lectures hosted by the University and the city as possible
    4. To be persevere with going to a fitness class 3 times a week
    5. To secure a summer job before the end of the semester
    6. To complete a side project applying what I've learned at Parsons
  • What are you looking to learn?
    1. Coding (start with JavaScript for web design)
    2. How to approach strategic planning and design in industries I'm not familiar with (to prepare myself with finding jobs in the industries I'm interested in - entertainment and wedding)
    3. The ability to "sell myself" and articulate my strengths and passions well
    4. To get better at data analysis (to identify opportunities) and data visualization (ability to storytell)
    5. New methods or programs for rapid prototyping (currently know hand sketching, physical modeling - 3D printing, hand modeling, laser cutting...etc, and computer modeling and rendering - Solidworks & Keyshot), especially ways to prototype something that are intangible, such as a service or a system
    6. How to put together an effective portfolio to showcase my business design skills and projects
    7. Understand how to come up with the right question to ask for qualitative interview research
  • What are you hoping to practice?
    1. Business storytelling skill
    2. Working with clients on a project to get real life experience
    3. Short and concise presentation of my work to potential employers
    4. Interview for a strategist job
    5. Emotional intellegence
  • Anything to get better at?
    1. Networking
    2. Conducting interview with strangers
    3. Moderate workshops
    4. Frame a project brief
    5. Connecting the right dots from known data and identify great ideas